Saturday, June 9, 2012 is a scam website. Do not send them your phone.

Do not send them your phone. You will not get ANY money back.

A friend of mine also sent in a 3g iphone and got no money. A few weeks after he complained they sent him back his phone in a WORSE condition than he had sent it in.

It had been opened, and not put together correctly, the screen could not fit in the case anymore. Furthermore, the phone did not turn on anymore!


From what I have read, Totem uses the service to harvest parts from the phone that are still worth money.

Another website mentions:

"Websites like use the phones to steal personal information, such as passwords, bank accounts numbers, social security numbers and credit card info. This information can be easily retrieved from the phone hard drives, even after it has been cleaned"

The terms of service clearly states that you may NOT get paid as you were quoted.

Before you send your phone, make sure you have some kind of record of the things that work on the phones, or else you will get it back in a worse condition than it was (assuming you get it back ofcourse)

Here are some other user complaints

"Well I receive a package from hello.totem to sell my backflip back to them for $45.75. They Send me a email saying that my device was broken, and I would only be able to get back half of what I was projected for a good phone. Well I accepted the price that was 24.00. But I still didn't get my check for my phone."

"Hellototem - contracted to buy my Blackberry for 17.79. I mailed the device in their packaging from the local post office on 1/30/2012. To date Hellototem does not ackowledge that they received the device. I think it is very strange that they didn't receive the device. I would like to know how many other devieces have been 'lost in the mail'.
Or is the device conveniently 'lost'"

If you have any more complaints, please add comments here, they will help others avoid this website.